Monday, November 9, 2009

Christ, synthesizers and science - Joy Electric

“Amazing” and “Christian artist,” let alone “ground-breaking,” are three phrases I would never expect to say together but California-based electro/synth pop group Joy Electric is deserving.

The song in the video, “The Boy Who Never Forgot,” and its fostering album, "
The White Songbook,” is some of the most intricate and layered pop music I’ve ever heard. While most electronic music’s punch is held in empty space, timing, beats and build ups, Joy Electric is just an out-of-the-gates, wild-horse-race-of synth melodies.

What really gets me is that, at any point in a song, there are usually three or four great synth lines unfolding at once. More impressive is that everything you hear is generated using only a
Roland System-100 - talk about a media study. But what about the lyrics? Are they steeped in buzz-killing religious symbolism?

The answer is: sometimes, but it’s usually not too overt. More surprising are songs about Austrian scientist
Nikola Tesla, minerals, telescopes, Arthurian legend and other historic/esoteric/philosophic territories. It’s so unique and great that it gets little traction in the Christian world or otherwise; too weird for them and too Christian for everyone else. We make our beds…

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  1. every hear starflyer 59? it's this guys brother, who does for shoegaze the same thing joy electric do for synthpop. knew of but just got into those guys recently.