Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tiger Trap plays a house show

This is a video of my favorite twee band, Tiger Trap, playing a show in what appears to be someone's living room. It’s a real document of the time (early 90s) – the band’s dress, how they move, their energy. I love the song, of course, but it’s the esthetics that are captivating. It’s like a fond memory of something that never happened to me.

It takes me back to now-defunct basement venues in Lansing that few remember the names of. The claustrophobia of the stage reminds me of what it’s like to be packed tight in a space that wasn’t meant to accommodate so many; tripping over furniture, wondering if the owners will later be pissed about the beer some guy just spilled on their carpet. Heartwarming.


  1. times were so much simpler then. this video just made me very happy.


  2. agreed. sometimes i wish i had been born a little earlier to get a better whiff of the 90s.