Sunday, November 15, 2009

You think I'm psycho, don't you mama?

My roommate Kyle showed me this song tonight and it's truly unbelievable. It was written by Leon Payne, a Texan song writer who wrote a couple hits for Hank Williams. After hearing about the Charles Whitman massacre that took place in Austin, Texas he wrote "Psycho" but denied anyone from recording it until after his passing. I couldn't find much information on the performer, Jack Kittel, outside of him being from Muskegon, Michigan, but that's irrelevant to how haunting his performance is.

Jack Kittel, "Psycho"



  1. it has a real norman bates quality to it.

  2. this is great. i love it.
    justin, next time i see you i should have a handful of cds to give. i'm thinking it's gonna be a broad mix of stuff, seeing i don't know what you like/already know-have.


  3. After reading the wiki page, it makes my heart ache a little.

  4. i just got around to reading the wiki.
    all i can say is... oh my god. yeah, that hits a tender spot. owww.

  5. thank you, brad!
    i've got a two cd electronic introduction set for you. it covers kraftwerk to electronic disco to early synth pop to electro, house, acid, and techno. you're gonna dig it.

  6. ooh. that gave me the chills. i wanted to listen to it again, but, i couldn't.

    kudos to kyle.