Wednesday, June 23, 2010

joan of arc - 'me and america (or) the united colors of the gap'

so, i heard that this is supposed to be the worst record of all time. i got a copy of it a while back, and gave it a listen after i put it on my 'puter. taxing, meandering, disjointed, ridiculous, and i love it. music by people who think to much and have backed themselves into a corner. i think to much and often back myself into a corner. the beautiful thing is, the corner doesn't exist, neither do i, or joan of arc, and as the strings drop in halfway thru this song, everything about the existence i know drops and all is a wonderful swirl. 'one if by lips... and two if by teeth'

Sunday, June 6, 2010

the cure - push

i've been in a cure mood recently. first heard them when i was a teen, seeing commercials for the 'galore' best of. my uncle joe probably played bits of them for me; later i bought 'staring at the sea' with money from my library job. for being a goth kid, bob smith is completely heart on sleeve. this is from the period i am least familiar with, but 'head on the door' was loaned to me some time ago, and blew my mind at how completely diverse and different from any other era of cure i knew. it could be the best one, covering every sound and style they've tackled. push is still my favorite; a killer riff, extended intro, and high energy all the way through. it's something i listen to when my mind overwhelmed by an out of control world that i feel is swallowing me whole. when getting engulfed by a river that's broken through the dam, even when drowning i can pull my head above water and shout, and not feel powerless.