Saturday, March 6, 2010

blowout review: friday

spent the night at paychecks, acting as a stage manager for locognosis showcase day one. my night went as follows-

first: forget. all i know is we clouded the entirety of paychecks in fog and jamie and steve scared the living shit out of everybody in the bar. all the members of the band were stoked about it too. i'll take it as a win. btw, we totally lived up to the metro times review of us.

second: woodman. outstanding performance. the whole band is in top form and is putting on the best shows i have ever seen them do. nice blur cover too!

third: jehovah's witness protection program. jesus christ, anthony and jehan totally killed it for me. pure ferocity that lit a fire under everyone's ass. these guys are going to take over this year, and they fully deserve it.

fourth: marco polio and the new vaccines. if there was anything left standing after the first three acts, there certainly wasn't after marco polio. fuck me. no band should ever have to play after them, it just wouldn't be fair. when their album drops, everybody in this town is going to be singing their praises, rightfully so i might add.

thanks for reading!

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  1. i guess i missed quite a bit. to be perfectly honest, i was excited about the no name bands but when i heard a couple tracks on a few myspace pages, i quickly changed my mind. i'm glad there was some promising and exciting moments though. it is one of the best local music festivals around. oh, i heard bad party and sugarcoats on wednesday. both excellent!