Wednesday, June 23, 2010

joan of arc - 'me and america (or) the united colors of the gap'

so, i heard that this is supposed to be the worst record of all time. i got a copy of it a while back, and gave it a listen after i put it on my 'puter. taxing, meandering, disjointed, ridiculous, and i love it. music by people who think to much and have backed themselves into a corner. i think to much and often back myself into a corner. the beautiful thing is, the corner doesn't exist, neither do i, or joan of arc, and as the strings drop in halfway thru this song, everything about the existence i know drops and all is a wonderful swirl. 'one if by lips... and two if by teeth'


  1. Frank, I really dig this. As a musician myself, I'm baffled by the pure loose-ness of person needed to compose this kind of stuff. I tend to be a little more uptight and this song draws my attention by pure fact that it is the opposite of everything I do. Thanks for sharing.