Thursday, November 19, 2009

Antena- Camino Del Sol

Now that most of the trees are bare and the chill in the air is constant, the weather calls for an equally frigid tone in music. Antena is the sound of bossa nova frozen in synths.

Reminds me of this time of year especially, the oddly prideful feeling of knowing you'll have to stand up to winter again, even as cold and dark threatens to devour your soul.


  1. yeah, this is fantastic. i'm going to have to steal this record...

  2. Their original LP was uncovered and re-released by Numero Group with additional tracks. It's a really solid set with songs in English, French, and German. The lead singer, Isabelle Antena has some solid records too, which are less electronic and more tropical.

  3. I could have sworn she did a track with Massive Attack but I haven't been able to find mention of it on the 'net.