Friday, November 20, 2009

as recent as last night...

...i've fallen in love with slowdive. not much for me to say except that their music makes me feel a multitude of emotions.

here's their song 'dagger' from their 1993 release souvlaki.

also worth noting - they do a cover of lee hazlewood & nanci sinatra's 'some velvet morning', another recent obsession of mine.


  1. allison. enough said. love me some slowdive.

  2. Neil Halstead's second band, Mojave 3 is pretty sweet too, but is much more country influenced. Their first lp, Ask Me Tomorrow, is the closest in sound to Slowdive, and their best in my opinion.

  3. loves me some slowdive! i don't know if you'll find this amusing, but i usually describe them to people as the byrds on qualuudes playing in a cave in the bottom of the ocean. reverb = heaven!

  4. neil halstead's solo work is really good also. and you're right about mojave 3, justin. i've never warmed up to any of their albums except for the first. i dig country, but not when i'm hoping for a slowdive-esque sound.