Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Prisonaires--- Just Walkin' in the Rain

One of the most haunting doo-wop songs I've encountered. It was written in the 50's by Johnny Bragg, while in the Tennessee State Penitentiary on wrongful conviction. A radio DJ swung by the prison to do a news broadcast and heard Bragg and his friends singing. He was so moved by the song that he had them perform on air. It was such a hit that Bragg was effectively let out of prison (albeit only on "day passes" to tour).

On a more personal level, I have the impression that certain songs find their way to people at exactly the right time/place in their lives--- at least every once in awhile. This song found me on a particularly gloomy day last spring. (After all, people say April is the cruelest month.) This song, I think, echoes that melancholy and, in it's simple beauty, makes a sort of peace with it.


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