Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ryuichi Sakamoto

I'm enthralled with this guy right now. He began his career with an early electropop group called Yellow Magic Orchestra, then went solo in the early eighties to work on film scores, rather interesting synthpop, and then some spacey new-age compositions. Here's a few videos to illustrate:

YMO - Computer Games

Next, this great synth-ballad with David Sylvian. EDIT** This song is the theme to a movie starring none other than DAVID BOWIE. Any lingering doubts about its essential awesomeness should be gone.

And most recently, a minimal piano piece called Nostalgia

One more: Risky.
Wiki says the video's concept is based a short story about a robot from the future falling in love with one of Man Ray's models of the 1930s.

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