Thursday, November 5, 2009


All day. everyday. I really cannot stop listening to him. Specifically, Curtis Live 1971. His voice is heartbreaking, honest, it gets me. This clip is not from Curtis Live, but, it's one of my favorites. Enjoy.


  1. Out of all the friends I know who listen to soul music, I think you're one of the handful who really feel it the way it's meant to be felt. I'm one of the former.

  2. Out of all my friends, Moni should be the one that is most in to Egyptian Lover, but all she ever talks about is Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. If I were her, I'd be playing the "I am the Egyptian Lover" card as often as possible. I'd ride a camel for Christ sake.

  3. sounds good. i'll eat hummus, ride a camel, walk like an egyptian, and own a party store. as long as i fulfill your stereotype, justin.

    you should have a more satisfying existence since i loaned you that otis redding record. you're welcome, my friend.

    and thanks amanda. that's quite a compliment.

  4. You have to admit that's a pretty sweet stereotype.